Knjaz Miloš donated New Year’s presents for children


Knjaz Miloš donated New Year’s presents for children

Knowing that the holidays are the most beautiful and eagerly awaited period for all our children, in the company Knjaz Milos we wanted to cheer and treat them with New Year’s presents as much as possible.

First, a few days before New Year’s Eve, at the Youth Center in Arandjelovac, with the valuable help of Santa Claus, we gave 69 presents for children of Red Cross and 15 presents for children with special needs from Miloš Obrenović School and preschool Duga.

Then, in January, we visited the “Vera Radivojević” institution for children without parental care, based in Bela Crkva, thus extending the holiday magic. On Santa’s sleigh and with the help of his helpers from the organization Little Big People, we brought the presents that, in addition to sweets and Aqua Viva Junior water, also contained many toys for children of different ages.

We believe and hope that the gifts will enhance the common moments of play and socializing of a large number of young users and residents of these important institutions.

In our further work, we will strive to be always there for the members of our community, and especially the youngest ones, as well as the vulnerable groups, whose gratitude and optimism each time touches and thrills us.



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