With daily exercise, students and teachers win valuable prizes


With daily exercise, students and teachers win valuable prizes

Champions of ‘Let’s get our children active’ program announced

The third competition “Let’s get our children active”, which is being implemented by Aqua Viva, a brand of Knjaz Miloš company under the same name program for all elementary schools in Serbia, has ended with the announcement of 36 classes – winners. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Serbian Association of Teachers of Physical Education and Sport, Aqua Viva has been successfully encouraging and organizing, for the fourth year, additional daily fifteen-minute physical activity for pupils in grades 1-4. The main goal of the program is to prevent poor posture, spinal deformity, obesity and inactive lifestyles in children.

Among the 36 best selected classes, the top three were the following: this year’s competition champions are Class I-2 and teacher Gordana Janevska from Elementary School “Dimitrije Todorović Kaplar” in Knjaževac, vice-champions are III-3 and teacher Zorica Davidović from Elementary School “Đura Jakšić” in Paraćin, and third place went to teacher Rajko Pavlović and class IV-1 elementary school “Tanasko Rajić” in Čačak. In addition to valuable packages of incentives for physical activity, which will be awarded to all 36 winners, the three first-class classes can also expect unforgettable sport props and educational recreative classes and excursions for all pupils, while vouchers for trips of their choice are prepared for teachers.

“We had no doubt as to whether we would participate in the competition. Physical exercise and competitions at our school are a tradition. Students are the main heroes of our victory, because they exercise with ease, sportsmanship and a smile on their face, devise new, original exercises, take care of their health and teach others to do so, too”, said teacher Gordana Janevska.

Zorica Davidović, teacher of the class that won second place, said: “In this way, in addition to promoting physical activity, we also affirmed friendship and teamwork, tolerance, fostered children’s creativity and met the basic need for play, which in this period is very important for proper and healthy growth and development of children. We thank Aqua Viva for recognizing in us the value-holders on which this project is based“.

“In an age of digital entertainment and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle for children, it is really important to point out the necessity of play and physical activity. That’s why my students and I try to animate other students and teachers in our school to exercise. We are especially happy because now it is official that we are the true ambassadors of an active school day”, stated teacher Rajko Pavlović.

“All the students and teachers who exercise daily are winners for us. Through various and interesting activities in the program, we will continue to show them in the future how much we appreciate their immeasurable contribution to the mission to nurture active and healthy future generations. We are pleased to note that this year, children and teachers have also encouraged parents to exercise with them, as we are all well on our way to achieving this important mission”, said Milana Petrović, Public and Corporate Affairs Manager for Knjaz Miloš.




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