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Knjaz Miloš company is among the largest producers of mineral water, soft and energy drinks. Building on its name and more than two centuries of tradition, Knjaz Miloš develops, produces and markets top-quality beverages that give consumers the feeling of vitality, refreshment and energy every day.

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The first analysis of mineral water from Bukovik spring was carried out by Dr. Lindenmeyer in 1836 and during the next year prince Miloš Obrenović issued an edict on regulation of villages Orašac and Vrbica. Two decades later, in 1859, the prince issued an order to rename Vrbica to Aranđelovac.

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Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct of Knjaz Milos Company summarizes all the good practices on which long and outstanding tradition of our company is built upon. These are the “act as the owners” principle and integrity in dealing with resources, partners and the local community, as well as the respect for consumers that we always provide with top quality products. Knjaz Milos’s reputation is based primarily on beverages that are part of everyday life of a huge number of people, and today it certainly equates in the market to the set of experiences that our associates, partners and consumers have in their daily contact with us. By adhering to this Code, we provide that these experiences are in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. Nourishing our business ethics we ensure that Knjaz Milos remains one of the most respected, responsible and successful companies in the region, offering an example and guidance to all business entities of how long-term success is built upon exemplary behavior.

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