Welcome to Knjaz Miloš, company with a reputation based on long tradition and quality products, which are a part of everyday life for many people, employees, our customers and consumers.
We sincerely believe that the people are the only ones to thank for the previous success of Knjaz and that we have developed a culture based on the right values – a culture that creates and nurtures leaders and which is primarily based on prudent business practices.

Knjaz Miloš, a company that creates your favourite products, is looking for highly dedicated and innovative colleagues, who will help us continue the two-centuries-long tradition. You will have the opportunity to learn, develop you professional skills and advance together with our organization.

If you share our values and you would like to have a job in the company that has a respect for history, but at the same time creates taste of new generations, dominates markets and is a great place for development and work, you can apply for the job by using the form provided below: