Responsible, as always


Responsible, as always

Regarding to the current situation and in accordance with the recommendations and binding measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the fight against spread of the COVID-19 virus, Knjaz Miloš company closely monitors the situation from hour to hour, adequately responds and informs its employees on a daily basis.

Knjaz is a socially responsible company for water supply, and with this responsibility, we will provide all the prerequisites for conducting our business professionally and safely, as we have done so far. Also in such specific conditions, our priority is to work dedicatedly on maintaining health and safety of all our employees, associates and fellow citizens.

Immediately before the announcement of the state of emergency due to the occurance and spread of the COVID-19 virus, Knjaz Miloš company undertook a number of preventive measures and procedures for monitoring of its implementation, with the main aim of keeping all employees healthy and safe, and of course, because of providing the unhindered production processes functioning and constant market suppliing.

Currently, a number of employees are organized to work from home, while many employees from sale department, as well as those who perform production operations, are constantly provided with sufficient quantities of necessary disinfectants and protective equipment.

In addition, in such challenging situations, Knjaz Miloš company finds the space and time to respond to numerous initiatives to support the vulnerable members of our society, now particularly affected by the state of emergency.

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