Unstoppable Like Water


Unstoppable Like Water

Basketball player Nataša Kovačević, known for her endless energy and optimism, encourages many people to stay strong, persistent and unstoppable and to give up on their lifelong dreams whatever the challenges they face.
Nataša inspired a new concept of Aqua Viva campaign named “Unstoppable”, which she will promote in the future as the brand ambassador.

How Nataša Sees an Unstoppable Woman
An unstoppable woman is a woman capable of keeping a smile on her face besides many responsibilities at work and at home. Time constantly limits us and there are less and less moments we can devote to ourselves, our dear ones, as well as to things that fulfil us. It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep pace with modern life and preserve the required vitality. As a brand ambassador of Aqua Viva water, Nataša wishes to inspire members of gentle sex to be confident and have a positive attitude towards everyday obligations, without giving up on their dreams. And to be unstoppable.

Being Full of Life as a Lifetime Commitment
With everyday challenges life puts us to, it takes a great deal of optimism to keep your eyes on the future. Positive energy has always been Nataša’s trademark and this is exactly why she thinks that good spirits help her to quickly find ways to move forward and achieve new wins. In Nataša’s opinion, the slogan “Full of Life” precisely illustrates positive life values.

Nataša’s Active Lifestyle
Since she has a very active lifestyle, every Nataša’s day is filled with professional and private responsibilities. In addition to everyday trainings and other professional obligations, Nataša finds time for other things that she likes, as well as for quality time with her friends and family. Despite such a busy lifestyle, Nataša makes an effort every day to stay positive and unstoppable.

Synergy between Nataša and Aqua Viva Brand
Nataša is known for supporting an active lifestyle and promoting the right life values, which is what makes cooperation with Aqua Viva brand so natural. Aqua Viva is Nataša’s ideal companion in everyday life, which is why she has been very eager to become the brand ambassador. Nataša wishes to join forces in promoting the importance of healthy spirit, sports and positive attitude and thinks there are no boundaries if you have the unstoppable power of will.




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