The new Knjaz Miloš campaign shows respect to its natural roots


The new Knjaz Miloš campaign shows respect to its natural roots

The uneven, fertile, untamed land on which we are building our personal and shared history is a crucial part of our character and spirit. For as long as memory serves, we have described our relationship to this special corner of our planet with one short but clear and strong word: proud.

Our favorite and most well-known carbonated mineral water, Knjaz Miloš, owes its benefits to the undried and fertile land of Bukulja from which it emerges. Hence, the new Knjaz Miloš campaign “Ponos je u našoj prirodi” expresses respect for nature, from which we have been sourcing what we value most for centuries, providing gifts for us and for generations to come.

“Knjaz Miloš has been talking about pride for years, and now the focus is on nature, to which our water owes its authentic carbonation and recognizably refreshing power. This is because we have recognized that the story of Knjaz Miloš’s tradition, presence in our lives, and contents are meaningful and special even in a worldwide context. For this reason, the history, nature, and community we are proud of will continue to be central to our courses of action in the future”, said the director of marketing in Knjaz Miloš, Danijela Vujošević.

Within its new campaign, Knjaz Miloš organized a field trip for media representatives to Aranđelovac’s cave Risovača, Bukovička Spa Park, and to Bukulja, from which there is a panoramic view of the lively city in šumadija. Within this trip, Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, the director of Special hospital for rehabilitation Bukovička Spa, spoke to journalists about the significance and medicinal properties of the water sourced by Dositej Obradović in 1811, the water that treated princess Ljubica, thanks to which Prince Miloš sought to arrive to the Serbian castle, water that was scientifically proven to have benefits two centuries ago, and was believed to be healing by the people for even longer.

The art historian and senior curator of the National Museum in Arandjelovac, Zorica Petrović showed journalists the interesting aspects of the beautiful park of Bukovička Spa, including the reconstructed Pavilion of Prince Miloš, the first factory for bottled mineral water and an object of historical significance that was built in the year of 1907 in the spirit of succession, also known to be the first building made from reinforced concrete in Serbia.




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