Prestigious European Union Award for cultural heritage/ The Europa Nostra Award for the conservation project of Knjaz Miloš Pavilion in Aranđelovac


Prestigious European Union Award for cultural heritage/ The Europa Nostra Award for the conservation project of Knjaz Miloš Pavilion in Aranđelovac

The prestigious European Union award for cultural heritage, the Europa Nostra award, was presented at the ceremony held at the Bukovička Spa Park. This is an award through which the conservation of the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion was crowned at the European Summit on cultural heritage in Berlin, in June.

Via a colorful program medley of culture and arts, in the company of many officials, the bearers of the project of conservation: Knjaz Miloš company, Municipality of Aranđelovac, Bukovička Spa Hospital and the Embassy of Norway in Serbia celebrated this extraordinary achievement. During the program, the award was officially revealed by the general secretary for the Europa Nostra organization Sneška Kvadlih-Mihailović. Guests were also given the opportunity to visit the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion and learn more of this historical site which was built in 1907 in the spirit of secession, as the first building made of reinforced concrete in Serbia.

”The Knjaz Miloš Pavilion is the first factory for bottling mineral water in Serbia, a symbol and the place of our company’s first days, so being part of this conservation project was extremely significant to us. The Europa Nostra Award is validation of this facility’s great value, a faclity that is not only part of the local cultural heritage, but of the cultural heritage of Europe as well”, said Milloš Stojisavljević, the CEO of the Knjaz Miloš company.

”Merely a few years ago, the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion was in danger of decay. Today, it stands tall in its beauty and we can proudly say that we have preserved that which our ancestors left us, and we have kept it for the coming generations. The importance of the idea of restauring the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion was recognized by the Kingdom of Norway and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for helping us preserve this unique part of Serbia’s cultural heritage”, said the director of the Bukovička Spa Hospital, doctor Slobodan Prodanović.

The conservation of the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion was finished in 2016, an act which restaured the historic glow of this pearl of the Bukovička Spa Park. Since then, in its central area, the visitors of the Pavilion are once again able to taste water from three mineral water springs. In the award’s rationale, the international jury pointed out the Knjaz Miloš Pavilion was an example of careful preservation of a historical facility with its authentic purpose, beauty and functionality.
As a leading organization for the protection of cultural heritage of Europe, since 1963, Europa Nostra has worked on preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage of Europe, and uses the homonymous award to celebrate excellence in achievements within said area.




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