Aqua Viva won two global prizes for the program “Let’s activate our children”


Aqua Viva won two global prizes for the program “Let’s activate our children”

The program “Let’s activate our children”, which Aqua Viva, the brand of Knjaz Milos company, implements in schools at the national level, has won two prestige awards at the global congress of water industry in Barcelona.

Besides the award for the best socially responsible project the program “Let’s activate our children” has also won the special, gold prize as the absolute winner in all categories. The gold prize was introduced for the first time this year just because of the Program “Let’s activate our children”, which introduced the additional physical activity on the daily basis for the pupils from 1st to 4th grade in all of 1206 elementary schools in Serbia.

The program “Let’s activate our children” is realized by Aqua Viva in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and with Serbian Association of Teachers of Physical Education and Sports. The aim of the program is the prevention of bad posture, inactive lifestyle and child obesity.

“We are very proud of the program because it was announced at the awards ceremony as a big project which is concerned with an important social subject and which stimulates the creation of a healthy lifestyle. Our remarkable collaboration with the Ministry of Education has enabled the program to become the part of an active school day in our country, and that kind of collaboration was recognized and praised by the international public. Knjaz Milos company and the brand Aqua Viva will certainly continue to change the habits of our children and help the family to grow on healthy basis”, said Milos Stojisavljevic, the CEO of Knjaz Milos company.

“We are grateful for having Knjaz Milos company as a good corporate partner, which, together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development, invests in younger generations and builds a healthy society and better future. I am proud of our collaboration and the positive changes in children’s everyday physical activities in Serbian elementary schools”, said the Minister of education, science and technological development Mladen Sarcevic.

After the extremely successful initial phase, the program “Let’s activate our children” continues in the school year 2017/2018 by introducing the new models of exercise. There is also a currently active prize contest in which all elementary schools in Serbia, which regularly and correctly apply the exercises from the program “Let’s activate our children”, have the right to participate. The elected 36 schools will be awarded by Aqua Viva at the beginning of the following school year with a valuable equipment for the physical education classes which will be used by future generations, and they will also be awarded with free vacations for the teachers and the students.

At the 14th global congress of the bottled water industry in Barcelona, more than 100 companies from 23 countries have participated, and the prizes were awarded in 12 categories that included creativity, innovation, marketing, social initiative, and environmental protection. In competition with the world’s largest brands, the industry experts, jury members, ranked the program “Let’s activate our children” with the highest rates and commented the following:

  • “Great campaign to improve children´s health, great variety of different activities”
  • “Great campaign to improve children´s health, great variety of different activities”
  • “Excellent initiative with national application, full school participation and Government support”
  • “Fantastic initiative, meeting a real need – shows real commitment through training and support for teachers. 100% of schools engaged in the programme – a real achievement”
  • “Very compelling, well thought out (training books for the teachers is a great idea) and realistic goals, which will have results for generations to come”
  • “Love this programme! Simple, brilliant & relevant idea to get kids moving in order to address the country’s health issues. Amazing coverage to have this adopted by all schools in the country, and well-executed 360° campaign including KOL support.”• “A highly engaging campaign which touches an important topic of society ‘childhood obesity’, 100% credible, impressive impact”.




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