Knjaz Miloš Enhanced

Knjaz Miloš Enhanced is an ideal combination of natural carbonated water Knjaz Miloš enhanced with natural minerals Zinc and Selenium. This is a great innovation in Knjaz Miloš brand and represents a quality and functional solution for all consumers. Thanks to the richness of the minerals Zinc and Selenium, it naturally contributes to the protection and strengthening of immunity. In addition to hydrating and strengthening the body, Knjaz Miloš Enhanced satisfies 100% of the needs for the necessary daily intake of Zinc per liter of product, as well as 50% of the daily required dose of Selenium.

Knjaz Miloš Enhanced is available in a new, attractive bright blue packaging - in 1.5 l and 0.5 l PET bottles.

Knjaz Miloš Enhanced
Product Item Barcode Height Length Width Net mass Gross mass Number of units per package Number of packages on the pallet Expiration date
KM ENHANCED Zn/Se 1.5L PET 8600037003207 34 9.4 9.4 1.5 1.54 6 72 180
KM ENHANCED Zn/Se 0.5L PET 8600037003184 23.4 6.7 6.7 0,5 0,52 12 108 180

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