GUARANA is the most popular and best-selling energy drink in Serbia and region. As first energy drink, GUARANA created its category in the local market and for the past 20 years has been the leader of energy drinks with communication, innovations and flavours that consumers love. Due to its unique composition and recognisable taste GUARANA raises the energy level, refreshes, increases concentration and keeps awake. In addition to original, green Guarana, GUARANA portfolio also includes: Guarana Mojito, Guarana Icebreaker with ice candy flavour and Guarana Aphrodisiac with passion fruit flavour, and there is also special edition – NoSleep awakened by Guarana.

In addition to caffeine, taurine and carbohydrates that enhance the focus, bring refreshment and extra energy, GUARANA portfolio also includes niacin, pantothenic acid and a vitamin complex which regulates metabolism, growth and development processes and is also an antioxidant.

Guarana Original Original is available in cans of 0.5l and 0.25l, and Guarana Mojito, Guarana Icebreaker and Guarana Aphrodisiac are available in cans of 0.25l. NoSleep awakened by Guarana is available in cans of 0,33l.

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Product Item barcode Height Length Width Net mass Gross mass Number of units per package Number of packages on the pallet Expiration date
8600037034119 13,50 5,30 5,30 0,25 0,26 24 96 360
GUARANA ORIGINAL 0.25L CAN 8600037035086 13,50 5,30 5,30 0,25 0,26 4 616 360
GUARANA MOJITO 0.25L CAN 8600037714011 13,50 5,30 5,30 0,25 0,26 12 192 360
GUARANA APHRODISIAC 0.25 CAN 8600037655338 13,50 5,30 5,30 0,25 0,26 12 192 360
GUARANA ICEBREAKER 0.25L CAN 8600037655413 13,50 5,30 5,30 0,25 0,26 12 192 360
NO SLEEP GUARANA 0.33L 9004461500506 19,40 5,80 5,80 0,33 0,37 12 160 360
GUARANA ORIGINAL 0.5L CAN 8600037000442 16,85 6,60 6,60 0,50 0,52 12 90 360

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