Knjaz Miloš Surprises First Graders


Knjaz Miloš Surprises First Graders

Aranđelovac, September 3, 2017 – Knjaz Miloš company has traditionally celebrated the start of new school year by giving useful gifts to first graders of all elementary schools in Aranđelovac municipality.
Knjaz Miloš continues to show concern for safety of the youngest school kids. Children received fluorescent bracelets which will make them more visible in traffic and therefore safer. Aqua Viva brand gave children posters containing a timetable and images of exercises from the program “Let’s Get Our Children Moving”, trying to remind them of the importance of physical activity and finding time to exercise during school hours.
Knjaz Miloš will continue to care for and pay special attention to school kids, but also to the citizens and city of Aranđelovac, a birth place of the company.



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