Knjaz Miloš Company Expands ReMix Knjaz Portfolio


Knjaz Miloš Company Expands ReMix Knjaz Portfolio

Belgrade, July 18, 2017 – In the presence of many friends, partners and public figures, Knjaz Miloš company presented a new refreshing drink of top quality – ReMix Knjaz Superior Narandža. New ReMix is made from juice of fresh Brazilian orange, which full taste and high fruit content of as much as 15 percent ideally combine with naturally carbonated water.
Party held by the river on a hot July night smelled and tasted like Brazilian orange, a fruit to which new ReMix Knjaz owns its superiority. New Knjaz Miloš brand and the show organized for this occasion allowed guests to enjoy with all their senses, and unusual performance of authentic samba dancers added to the exotic atmosphere of Brazil.
Remix Knjaz Superior Orange is a unique drink, which represents an ideal mixture of carbonated water and juice, contains no artificial sweeteners and has minimum fruit content of 15 percent that makes it stand out from other drinks in the same category, placing it in high quality market segment.
„By launching new products we wish to justify two centuries of tradition and re-establish ourselves as a local company that offers world-class quality to domestic consumers, which applies to all aspects – content, product image or communication with consumers. New Remix Knjaz Superior Orange shows that we are certainly capable of doing so“, said Danijela Vujošević, Marketing Excellence manager in Knjaz Miloš company.
Judging by the impressions of guests on ReMix parties, ReMix Knjaz Superior Orange will be their drink of choice during the hot summer days.



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