Aqua Viva Rewards Talented Young Athletes


Aqua Viva Rewards Talented Young Athletes

Belgrade, December 9, 2016 – Aqua Viva started a holiday campaign by giving presents to talented young athletes who, in spite of their poor financial status, have showed great commitment to achieving their sports dreams.
The campaign was supported by Aqua Viva brand ambassador – young basketball player Nataša Kovačević, who received several awards for her humanitarian work and promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle.
In previous weeks, Aqua Viva and unstoppable Nataša visited Kosjerić and surprised young football player Danijel Stojadinović with new sports equipment. Danijel was rewarded for his hard work in training of school football club where he showed extraordinary talent and real teamwork. At the same time, he is favoured by his school friends and they were all very happy for the gift that makes his trainings easier and better.
After Kosjerić, the campaign continued in Bujanovac where Aqua Viva visited 15-year-old Radmila Popović. Radmila plays basketball and in the words of her trainer she is a fighter, both on court and in life. Radmila dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, she is successful and brave, just as Nataša.
Coming soon, new inspirational stories about little fighters, Aqua Viva brand and Nataša Kovačević invite all readers to join the holiday campaign on official Aqua Viva Facebook page and let us know about future champions they’ve heard about.



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